sparkly tree


How much are your trees?

We price the trees according to the quality, not just the size. The result is that there can be variations in price for similar sized trees. A 6 foot tree will range from around £48 up to £67.

Where are you?

DY9 0EG is the nearest postcode to us. We are just over a mile from Hagley Village on the right hand side of the A450, with our entrance just in Egg Lane. . Find Us

Are the trees treated to stop needles falling off?

Our Christmas trees are not treated in any way. Spruce Trees, the trees we all had 25 years ago, do lose their needles when allowed to dry out. This can be minimised by keeping the tree in water. The majority of trees are now Nordmann Firs; the needles are attached to the branches in such a way that only a very small number fall when the tree dries out. Have a look at our tips on caring for your tree.

Where do our trees come from?

A significant number of our trees are grown on our farm in Cornwall. Others come from grower friends throughout the West Midlands. The majority of the Nordman Firs come from a small family farm near Arhus in Jutland, Denmark. Anders is the third generation of Christmas tree growers and like his father and grandfather, he understands and takes great pride in growing first class trees.

Are they sustainable?

All our trees are grown as a crop and for every tree cut at least one is planted.

How long does it take to grow a tree?

Tree growers plant trees in the autumn or early spring when the plants will be about 30cm tall. They will have been growing for three or four years in the nursery. Trees do vary in the growth rates but, once planted in the final position the first trees will be harvested after eight years when they are 150 – 175cm tall so they will have been growing for a total of 12 years.