Types of tree

Nordmann Fir

The Nordmann Fir is the nation’s favourite real Christmas tree and makes up 90% of the trees we sell. It has a superb needle holding ability whether displayed in water or not. It boasts glossy, rich green, soft foliage and is ideally suited to indoor display. There can be a great deal of variation within the variety, this can depend on a number of factors that include; seed origins, soil type and management. We are careful to maximise the variation within our stocks to give the greatest choice, each tree is individual.

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce (Picea Abies) is the traditional British Christmas tree and now only accounts for a small percentage of sales. It features excellent shape and structure. The presence of plenty of branches towards the top of the tree is the reason why many still go for the Norway Spruce. Small sharp needles do not make the tree very forgiving. The tree tends to lose needles if it is allowed to dry out.

Norway Spruce